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DIGITAL STRATEGY: When you are building a brand it is not all about picking a name and logo. You need a digital strategy to create a cohesive marketing plan that successfully reaches all of your consumer groups, in a memorable way!

BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: Starting a business is one thing, but building a successful running business is something completely different. As your ideas and goals grow into a full-fledged brand and business it is important to make sure that your business is working for you – unless you always want to be on the clock. 

No matter the project HK Consulting is confident we can ensure you the best possible results!


Bringing your ideas to life with the bigger picture in mind - HK is here to ensure your brand is set up for SUCCESS!


As your brand grows there will be "growing pains", HK is here to support your brand through those "make or break" moments!


You know you have the right brand but you need help being noticed - HK is able to shine a spotlight on your brand to be noticed by long term customers.

"Not knowing where to start on this social media/marketing journey we decided to ask for help. Having Halee guide us as she managed contracts, partnerships, brand processes, etc, while I was teaching during the day, made a world of difference!

On top of her daily dedication to my success Halee was also building my brand’s foundation of an amazing website - that I am proud to have people go and see!

She is excited to get the work done and knows how to conduct herself through challenges that do arise. Invest in your goals and hire Halee to get you there faster!"

Kurt Hines
Coach & Motivational Speaker

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